Happy Mother’s Day

Today we celebrate the rewarding, demanding, and sometimes overlooked state of being that is Motherhood. I’ve heard that Motherhood can be thankless at times, but today I’d like to say Thank You to all the mothers out there. To the mothers who have to deal with snot, spit-up, dirty diapers, and all other manner of messy bodily fluids — Thank You. To the mothers dealing with teen angst and rebellion — Thank You. To the mothers trying to juggle work and/or school and/or personal relationships and a family — Thank You. To all mothers — Thank You. To my mom — Thank You.

I thank my mom for being my original inspiration to get into craftiness. When I was a child, she liked to sew me outfits. One of my sources of pride when I was little was the new Halloween costume that she’d sew me every year. My favorite as a kid was when she dressed me up as a China doll. I don’t think I ever wore the same costume twice until I was in mid to late high school and by then I was making my own. The sewing skills I used for my costumes – I learned from my mom. I can still remember the plain rectangle bag that she taught me to make. It was my first project using a sewing machine. She also taught me how to sew by hand which I still use frequently. Another craft she introduced me to was cross-stitching. This is one I stopped doing, though I still know how. She also inspired my brief foray into scrapbooking. I still enjoy looking at the scrapbooks she’s put together: her baby/childhood pictures, my baby pictures, etc. I have an unfinished scrapbook sitting in a tote that I’d like to eventually work on. It seems I don’t have the patience or artist inclination that scrapbooking takes. Shame. She’s done other crafts like quilting and I received a soap-making kit that she wasn’t using anymore.

The time and energy that a crafting mom takes to make things for her kids or to teach them how to craft themselves is a precious thing. I don’t have children yet, but they already have a small box of baby things I’ve made (^_~ lol). I’m not pregnant and this has caused a fair share of funny looks from people who see me making baby things. An example: My bookbinding class. For my final project I made a pregnancy journal and of course some of my classmates asked if I was expecting… Nope. Again in my felting class. My final project was a maternity cardigan. Still not pregnant. I’ve even gotten funny looks and comments from my family until they got used to it. Whenever I see babies or really little kids, I smile. Even if they’re crying or throwing a tantrum. The idea of making things for my future kids to cherish also makes me smile. I figure that by the time I get pregnant I’ll have a bunch of things I won’t have to buy or hurriedly make all at once. Blankets, going-home outfits (different depending on if it’s a boy or girl), hats, booties, soft toys, nursing covers, diaper bags, travel changing pads, etc. Would it be easier and probably cheaper to just buy some of these things – especially considering how fast they’ll grow out of some of them? Yeah probably. But I won’t get the same satisfaction out of them. And who knows? Maybe someday my kids will make their own blogs. And maybe some Mother’s Day they’ll say Thank You.

As a little treat, I’ll let you in on some delicious yarn I just bought.

Peachy cotton and silk

Peachy cotton and silk

Bright merino wool, silk, and lurex (the shiny bit)

Bright merino wool, silk, and lurex (the shiny bit)

These lovely yarns were designed by me at Yarnia. This amazing shop also offers their custom yarn creator online HERE . I don’t really care much for the color pink (in its many forms), but… I think I know someone who does ^_~









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