About Me

Hey! Thanks for stopping by! I’m Jen – a twenty-something crafter who enjoys DIY projects and misc crafting. My approach to crafting could be described as a touch disorganized and impulsive… I like to start a bit of anything I can get supplies for and tend to start something else before the original project is finished – which then leads to colossal messes around the apartment. This is a horrible habit (BUT!!!! I know I’m not the only one who does this ^_~ so I don’t feel as bad about it as I could) and I’m hoping that having a blog will keep me a bit more focused.

When I was younger I was into origami, clay, and painting things (pottery, ornaments … my mom’s couch >.<). Then in high school I was introduced to knitting while waiting backstage during a play where I had 1 or 2 lines. Lots of free time. After the play ended, I stopped getting lessons and didn’t move past scarves for years. With the help of books and YouTube tutorials I have gotten to the point where I’m beginning to design my own patterns. Knitting is one of the crafts that has consistently stuck with me over the years. I also picked up a little crochet and yarn spinning. My wonderful hubby bought me an Ashford top-whorl drop spindle and then a Kromski Prelude spinning wheel – I love the old time look of it! My yarns are still a little lumpy, but I’m definitely improving. If you have a Ravelry account, you can view my projects and yarns HERE. My most recent skill additions include bookbinding and felting which I took classes for at my community college.

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