Spring is in the Air

Ahhh Spring ^_^ Such a lovely thing… Days are getting longer, the sun feels warmer, and new growth is beginning to bud. Soon I’ll begin some Spring cleaning (because my apartment needs it!). I’m also hoping that soon my handmade soap will be ready to use.


The fruits of my 2nd batch of cold-process soap ^_^ ! I used a recipe I created at soapcalc.net (I HIGHLY recommend this soap calculator for making soap from scratch!!!!). The only ingredients are water, lye – sodium hydroxide NaOH – and pure olive oil. No random crap! Simple, clean, and easy on my skin ^_^

Ostara (Spring Equinox) passed recently and Easter is on its way! To get myself in a festive mood, I decided to try blowing eggs for decorating. The technique is pretty simple: poke 2 small holes at opposite ends of an egg and blow through one hole which will force the egg white and yolk out through the 2nd hole. The process goes a bit smoother if you can scramble the egg yolk before blowing. I tried How to Scramble Eggs Inside Their Shell by NightHawkInLight on youtube HERE . I stopped before hard-boiling though.


My first ever successfully blown egg – if it looks like the egg inside the jar is more than one egg … it is (I crushed my first try by holding it too hard as I blew).


I managed to successfully blow 2 eggs … And then I dropped both of them.


On a side note, it’s been just over a year since my About Me picture was taken and I’ve not cut my hair since…


Hair - march 2014


Hair - march 2013

It’s getting a touch long and I’m looking forward to my 2nd attempt at a flat-twist headband. I’ve been procrastinating because it takes hours to style my hair into anything remotely fancy (two-strand twists are usually my go-to style when I want something other than bedhead ^_~).


Deer Carousel and Trail Blazer Updates

Here are a couple of updates on previous posts ^_^!

It’s been so long since I’ve posted that a few things have happened… Firstly, I was able to knit my first sweater!!!! I’m so happy! My sister commissioned me to knit it (and was even so kind to pay for the yarn and my work). In fact, it was for her that I originally designed the Deer Carousel chart (to see the chart click HERE ).

Deer_carousel_pulloverA perfect fit!!!! (Sigh of relief here). The sweater pattern isĀ 3/4 Sleeve Classic Pullover #80667AD by Lion Brand Yarn.

deer carousel yarn


The yarn Sis chose for the sweater’s body is King Cole Shades DK: 184 Purple Haze which is beautiful and has a touch of glimmer to it ^_~


One of my other charts has a finished project to its name as well. My chart for the Portland Trail Blazer’s logo (found HERE ) made its home on the front of a beanie.

Trail Blazers BeanieThe recipient was pleased, although I kinda thought it came out a touch long… the pattern came out a bit larger than I anticipated >.< But all that matters is the wearer is happy (I even saw him wear it once! Lol).

Look forward to more updates soon! ^_~

I’m Back! … Finally …

I’ve been wanting to post since New Year’s, but the computer I was using decided to stop letting me add images to my posts!!!! >.< How mean…

So here I am, finally back to posting ^_^!

Hana-Awaka Sake

My first ever sake experience.

This is the sake I bought to celebrate the New Year – Hana Awaka (Sparkling Flower) – as well as a cup from the set I bought to go with it. It was deliciously sweet and carbonated.

I have a number of things I wish to catch up on (soap from scratch, diy martial arts pad, tamagoyaki, knit blueberries, hair – 2nd attempted flat twist…) so stay tuned for more! ^_^ It feels good to be back.

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