Laundry Bag 1 – Pattern

Again I missed my Efficacious Friday post… BUT my Hubby whisked me away to Newport all weekend for our 5th Anniversary ^_^

My laundry bag has seen better days… I think it’s time for a new one.

Too much over-stuffing... >.<

Too much over-stuffing… >.<

Since my bag still has a few panels intact (more or less) I can use those measurements.

Measuring & cutting piecesFor something like this (I don’t plan on making a million of these) I’m just using regular brown wrapping paper I got at the Dollar Tree for my pattern pieces. Luckily my bag is all rectangles ^_^ which makes my job a little easier!

folded piecesTo use my pattern in the future, I’d like to put it in an envelope. I lined up the bottom right corner of all my pieces and CAREFULLY folded them. 1st in half hamburger and then in half again hotdog. Now they’re all the same size when folded.

labeling piecesDO NOT FORGET TO LABEL!!!! Label each piece with what the pattern is for, how many times to cut that piece, other notes (like seam allowance), and it’s handy to include total number of pieces so you don’t lose any.

sp label piecesIt helps to add little bits of info directly onto the pattern pieces – I don’t know if I’ll actually write out sewing instructions for this so I want to make sure the pattern itself is clear.

laundry bag patternAnd there you have it! A pattern for a laundry bag. Stay tuned for instructions on making the actual bag ^_^!